We are located near Laurel, DE.
Please call Jonathan today at (302) 228-9885 to set up your rental!


Single Kayaks:
Up to 2 Hours - $25
Up to 4 Hours - $35
Full Day - $45
Two Days - $75
Full Week - $125

Canoes/Tandem Kayaks:
Up to 2 Hours - $35
Up to 4 Hours - $45
Full Day - $55
Two Days - $90
Full Week - $175


We offer a mix of both recreational and touring kayaks.  Examples are pictured

     Our Touring Kayaks                        One of our Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are more difficult to tip in the water, and easier to get in and
out of, but are slower.  Touring kayaks are long and narrow, and are a little
easier to tip than a recreational kayak, but are faster.  We offer both types to suit
your paddling experience level and desires.

17' Aluminum (3 available)
16’ Fiberglass (1 available)

All rentals include paddles (single or double blade) and PFDs.

Ever wanted to spend the day paddling at your favorite spot, but didn’t want the
hassle of loading and hauling your boat on your compact car?  For a charge, we
offer DELIVERY and PICK-UP to any location!  

We can also do delivery and pickup at two different locations if you want to do a
one-way paddle, and can shuttle you back to your car.

FREE DELIVERY AND PICKUP anywhere within 15 miles of Laurel, DE for
2 day rentals or longer

See delivery/pickup rates for some common locations below:
(Rates effective April 1, 2016)

Please call us for pricing if you don't see your paddling spot below

Concord Pond - $6
Records Pond - $12
Seaford Boat Ramp or Blades Marina - $14
Phillips Landing - $22
Millsboro Pond or Cupola Park - $30
Milton Memorial Park - $38

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