Adventure Racing: The basic disciplines

You may be somewhat familiar with an adventure race, or maybe you have never heard of one before and have no
clue what it could be.  Questions may come to mind such as: Is an adventure race like a mud run?  Is it an obstacle
race?  Is it some super difficult event that only the fittest beastly human beings are capable of completing?

To make it easier to explain, I am going to start with a reference point that I believe everyone is pretty familiar with
– the triathlon.  As you well know, a triathlon is an endurance race that consists of three distinct sections, or
disciplines; running, biking, and swimming.  Just like a triathlon, an adventure race is a multi-discipline endurance
race, consisting of three different disciplines.  However, I have great news for you if you can’t swim, don’t like to
swim, are a bad swimmer, etc.  Adventure racing’s three disciplines are running, biking, and
paddling.  Essentially,
when thinking of adventure racing in its most basic form, think of a triathlon, but with paddling in a canoe or kayak
instead of swimming.  

One other term to introduce while on this subject so our terminology is correct from here on out –
trekking.  The
term trekking is what is used to refer to the running section of an adventure race.  Why "trekking" you ask?  Well, in
the running (i.e. "on-foot") section of an adventure race, you will encounter a wide variety of ground surfaces
ranging from roads, to well groomed trails, to hiking through the woods, to bushwhacking through brush, to rock
scrambling (if you are doing an adventure race somewhere other than Delmarva, LOL).  Therefore, since portions
of the “running” section are not always necessarily “runnable,” the term trekking is used to collectively refer to
on-foot sections
in an adventure race.

So there you have it; the three official disciplines of an adventure race are trekking, biking, and paddling.

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