Welcome to our free, online courses on Adventure Racing!  Our goal with these courses is to help you fully
understand the awesome, addictive sport of adventure racing, and help you gain the confidence and tools you need
to be able to come out and compete in the sport yourself!

We are convinced that if you come out and try one, you will be hooked for life, and will not be able to keep from
telling your friends, and returning for more year after year!  

We are here for you, and committed to getting all of your questions answered in any way we can.  If you find
yourself confused about anything in these courses, or if you have a question that was not sufficiently addressed
within these courses, or have a suggestion on how we can improve these courses, please let us know!

Now let's get started!

- Part 1: The Basics of Adventure Racing

- Part 2: Map Reading and UTM Plotting

- Part 3: Actual Adventure Race Course Example (coming soon)
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