2015 Chesapeake Headwaters 12-hour AR - SCORING

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Checkpoints: Teams will be required to locate checkpoints using race
provided topographic and supplemental maps, and magnetic compasses.  
GPS devices and pace counters are strictly prohibited.  Some
checkpoints may be pre-plotted on the provided maps.  
However teams
should also be prepared to plot the location of some checkpoints using
a 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic map and UTM coordinates.

The race will be run in a "Rogaine" format, meaning that many of the
checkpoints will be optional, and each of these optional checkpoints will
have a different point value based on how easy or hard the point is to obtain.

The race will start at 7:00 AM on Saturday, August 29, and participants will
have 12 hours to obtain all mandatory checkpoints, and to then earn as
many points as possible by obtaining their choice of the optional checkpoints
on the course.  

Teams must be off the course by 7:00 PM on Saturday, August 29, so
time management will play a significant role in race strategy.  Teams will be
ranked according to the following rules:

1. The team that obtains all mandatory checkpoints, and the highest number
of optional checkpoints by 7:00 PM will be the winner.  

Example: Team A obtains all mandatory checkpoints and 2 optional checkpoints with a
finish time of 6:30 PM.  Team B obtains all mandatory checkpoints and 3 optional
checkpoints with a finish time of 6:45 PM.  Team B will be the winner, even though they
finished after Team A, because they obtained one more optional checkpoint than Team A

2. In the event that two or more teams obtain all mandatory checkpoints
and the same number of optional checkpoints, the team’s finish times will
break the tie.  

3. If a team fails to obtain any of the mandatory checkpoints, they will still
be considered official finishers, but will be ranked below all other teams that
did obtain all the mandatory checkpoints, regardless of the number of
optional checkpoints obtained.

Example: Team A obtains all mandatory checkpoints, but no optional checkpoints.  Team
B obtains 4 optional checkpoints, but fails to obtain 1 mandatory checkpoint.  Team A will
be the winner, because they obtained 1 more mandatory checkpoint than Team B.

4. Placement of teams who fail to obtain all the mandatory checkpoints will
be ranked in the following order:
a. Number of mandatory checkpoints obtained (if a tie, then...)
b. Number of optional checkpoints obtained (if still a tie, then...)
c. Finish Time

5. It is imperative for teams to be off the race course by 7:00 PM.  Teams
will receive a -1 point penalty for every 5 minutes they are late after
7:00 PM, according to the race director's official time, starting with optional
checkpoints, and then mandatory checkpoints once all optional checkpoints
have been lost.  Racers will have opportunity to sync their watches with
race director's official time at the pre-race meeting.

Example: Team A arrives at the finish at 7:20 PM, with all mandatory checkpoints and 2
optional checkpoints.  Team A will receive a -4 checkpoint penalty, which will take away
their 2 bonus checkpoints, and then 2 of their mandatory checkpoints.  They will be
ranked as if they finished the race at 7:20 PM, missed two mandatory checkpoints, and
did not obtain any bonus checkpoints.