2015 Chesapeake Headwaters 12-hour AR  -  MANDATORY GEAR

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Individual Gear: - Must be carried by each racer at all times

Flashlight or headlamp
Emergency blanket
Rain jacket (no ponchos)
550 cord/Paracord (10 feet)
Firestarter (lighter, waterproof matches, flint, etc.)
Water, electrolyte replenishment, and food for duration of the event

Team Gear: - Must be carried by each team at all times

Cell phone
First aid kit
Water purification tablets (or filtration system)
Insect Repellant (DEET strongly recommended)
Map case or ziplock bag for safe keeping of maps
Pen or Fine Point Sharpee

Paddling Gear: - Must be carried by each team at all times during the paddle, AND the first trekking leg

Bilge pump or bailer (one per team, "gallon jug" type OK)
Throw bag (one per team)

*Race Staff will provide canoes, PFDs, and canoe paddles (single blade) for all participants at the paddle start/stop.  Racers
may elect to use their own paddles, however if they choose this option, they will need to carry them with them during the first
leg of the race (trekking).

Biking Gear: - Must be carried by each team at all times while biking

Mountain bikes for your team  (no road bikes, cyclocross, or hybrids, there will be single track in this race)
Bike helmets (must be worn by each racer)
Front mounted white bike light (on at all times)
Rear mounted red bike light (on at all times)
Bike repair kit (one per team, containing at least the following)
- Tire pump or CO2 inflator
- Bike multi tool
- (2) spare bike tubes
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